A film like this is the result of five years of research, work and effort of a considerable number of people…

We believe that culture is a right and should be easily accessible to everyone, at least to all those who appreciate it. Throughout our modest experience, we found that big part of the public is under a confusion of terms and concepts. As an example, people confuse the “accessibility to culture” with the “misappropriation” of author’s work, specially in cinema and music.

People believe that the mere misappropriation of someone else work, being done from the comfort and anonymity of a computer, means no ethical transgression. Those people do not consider the number of jobs they harm and the damage that this kind of attitude could signify to an independent production filmmaking.

So, to allow accessibility at one hand and to avoid the arbitrary appropriation on the other, we have decided to offer free viewing of this film to those who wish to do so, trough an authorization by us.

Therefore, we would appreciate your comments after watching the film (on our webpage) and to consider a donation… even if minimal in order to help us to continue offering this service.


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